A snowy weekend leads to a wet week ahead | meteorology

ROCKFORD (WREX) – Snowy conditions have ended this afternoon, making way for a quiet Sunday. The stateline is becoming more active for the coming workweek with the chance of a few rain showers any day.

Outlook for the weekend:

Mother Nature provided one last April Fool’s joke when the Stateline woke up to snow falling from the sky. Snowy activity has since ended, leaving about 2 inches of fresh, heavy snow on the ground. Temperatures have remained in the upper 30s near 40 degrees this afternoon. Temperatures will drop below freezing again tonight with mostly cloudy skies.

We’ll wake up Sunday morning to mostly sunny skies, but temperatures will still feel chilly in the upper 20s over the stateline. Temperatures will rise gradually in the morning and afternoon, peaking near 50.

As the day progresses clouds will increase and we will become overcast with a possibility of rain later in the evening and into the night hours. Sunday night temperatures will remain in the upper 30s.

Cloud cover will make Monday morning slightly warmer than the night before, with low temperatures in the upper 30s and persistent showers ending before noon. Partly cloudy skies will continue throughout the day and temperatures will climb back up to almost 50.

rainy meek:

We stay dry all Monday night until around Tuesday afternoon. Temperatures remain in the upper 40’s and rise into the low 50’s in the afternoon.

The chance of rain will increase gradually during the afternoon hours on Tuesday and continue for much of next week. Overnight temperatures remain in the low 40s for Tuesday evening. Wednesday will remain similar to Tuesday with showers and temperatures in the low to mid 50s.

Midwest GFS.png

As we get to the end of the week, our low pressure system that will hit us will begin to move east, allowing some colder air to mix into the stateline. We have a chance of seeing some colder showers for the day on Thursday and a chance of seeing a wintry mix overnight into Friday morning. Temperatures drop into the upper 40s for the day on Thursday and remain cold into the night hours. Temperatures on Friday remain the same in the mid-40s.


The stateline is drying up for next weekend and temperatures remain near average. High temperatures reach the low to mid 50s and low temperatures reach the mid 40s.

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