A UTV with wheel jet skis is real and yes, you can buy it

Mounting a Polaris-type body onto two jet skis might seem like the answer to a question nobody asked, but it turns out it’s actually a lot of fun. For this reason, Shadow Six Racing developed the Typhoon, which is considered the world’s first “aquatic utility vehicle”.

While it looks like a Polaris RZR bolted to a pair of jet skis, it’s actually more complex. The vehicle’s body consists of a tubular titanium frame with a Polaris body kit mounted on it. So you’re not wrong if you think it looks like a Polaris RZR, but under the skin it’s completely different. And instead of having the typical ATV suspension, wheels and off-road tires, Shadow Six instead outfitted it with long-travel suspension and a pair of custom jet skis. Each custom ski packs a 300hp 1.8-liter Yamaha supercharged engine, giving the Typhoon a combined power output of 600hp. It looks super top-heavy, but around 2,000 pounds of its 2,365-pound curb weight is actually below the waterline. That’s because of the heavy skis, with their motors weighing around 1,000 pounds each, and the lightweight titanium and carbon fiber body, which weighs only around 300 pounds.

Inflatable cuffs are mounted on these skis to help him deal with rough water. In addition to the cuffs, the suspension is engineered to absorb as much impact as possible so passengers don’t get too thrashed when the Typhoon gasps and lands hard on the water. If you watch the videos on Shadow Six’s YouTube channel, you can still see the passengers getting rattled around a bit, but it’s surprisingly smooth compared to a traditional boat or jet ski over choppy water.

In the cabin, if you can call it that, the Typhoon’s two passengers will be fairly comfortable for the most part. It features a real driver’s steering wheel with throttle and brake triggers on the right and left sides of the steering wheel respectively. There’s also a touchscreen infotainment system with Bluetooth sound system, headlights and GPS. It even has a backup camera and rear-view mirrors, mainly so the driver can see who’s behind them and make sure they don’t leave them in the rough wake of the typhoon. If you’re racing, the Typhoon even has a wireless communication system that allows the driver and passenger to talk to each other at high speeds.

If you want a Taifun, it’ll cost you $250,399, which is more than a Porsche 911 GT3 and C8 Corvette Z51 combined. However, Shadow Six has apparently received a surprising amount of interest from potential customers and will be building and selling seven Typhoon to customers this year. Shadow Six will also be bringing the Typhoon to SEMA in November, where it’s likely to draw even more attention than it already has.

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