After two hurricanes, the residents of Lake Charles in Sioux City are looking for rest | Local news


The decision to evacuate is usually very difficult, but Chavanne made the decision relatively easy after surviving Hurricane Rita in 2005.

“The decision to stay was easier than I knew what the numbers would be,” he said.

When Delta struck six weeks later, Chavanne’s main concern was the rising water. By then, he was already a veteran of tropical storm survival. When they both met, he was prepared and knew exactly what to do.

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“It’s miserable; prepare for the misery, â€he said.

“But living without electricity wasn’t a big deal,” he added. “I had a generator, I had gas, we were prepared for that and we did that for months.”

After surviving two tropical storms last year, Chavanne was dying to get out of town and back to Sioux City.

“We’re not going to have our costume gala this year,” said the show’s designer. “But we will cause a sensation at the parade.”

The parade wouldn’t be complete without Bourgeois, a Lake Charles businessman. He is the head of the Lake Charles branch of Krewe de Charlie Sioux.

He’ll be back, but because of the hurricanes he’s not sure who else from Krewe will join him.

“This is a strange year,” said Bourgeois.


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