Ball Hockey: Pistols & Hurricanes win

The Bermuda Inline Ball Hockey League season continued with a double header at the PCC Hockey Rink that produced 21 goals.

Paget Pistols 10 – Beer Barons of Boaz Island 5

In the opener, the Paget Pistols defeated the Boaz Island Beer Barons 10-5.

The Paget Pistols took a 4-1 lead in the first period, they scored twice from Kris Abramoski, with Chris Grantier and Will Walker adding a goal each. Jeremy Estey scored the only goal for the Boaz Island Beer Barons.

In the second period, the Paget Pistols beat the Boaz Island Beer Barons 3-2 to take a 7-3 lead. The Paget Pistols scored one-on-ones from Josh Wilson, Rob Osbourne and Abramoski, who completed his hat-trick, while Marcel Bouwens and Bill Calko each scored for the Boaz Island Beer Barons.

Abramoski scored two more goals in the third half to take his goal tally in the game to 5 as the Paget Pistols edged the Boaz Island Beer Barons 3-2 in the third half, Grantier added his second of the game for the Paget Pistols . Estey and Bouwens both added their second goals of the game for the Boaz Island Beer Barons.

Pembroke Pirates 2 – Hamilton Hurricanes 4

In the nightcap, the Hamilton Hurricanes defeated the Pembroke Pirates 4-2.

The Hamilton Hurricanes took a 2-0 lead in the first half as Mike Malott and Derek Winch scored.

Both teams scored in the second half, with Pete Brodsky scoring for the Hamilton Hurricanes and Wyatt Hall scoring for the Pembroke Pirates.

Both teams scored in the third period, with Winch scoring his second goal of the game for the Hamilton Hurricanes while Mark Heintzman scored for the Pembroke Pirates.

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