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The BBC has warned that dry and calm weather is expected over the next few weeks due to high pressure, but the possibility of extreme weather activity in the Atlantic could scuttle forecasts. While hurricanes never affect the UK, their remnants often jet stream in, bringing spells of blustery weather and sometimes gales – as in the case of Storm Eunice.

The BBC noted: “We need to keep a close eye on Atlantic hurricane activity in the coming weeks, which could disrupt the pattern as it looks set to be an overactive year.”

While this year has seen one of the quietest starts to the hurricane season, is forecasting activity in the Atlantic to pick up. The website says that while there is nothing significant to sound the alarm just yet, there is a risk of extreme weather.

They add that the Caribbean Sea and the eastern Atlantic are areas to watch closely in the coming weeks. Hurricanes typically unleash most of their damaging energy over Central and North America.

But they can often hairpin and turn east towards Britain, almost always assisted by the jet stream. Such was the case with the devastating St. Jude Day storm that raged in October 2013, killing at least 17 people.

The violent extropical cyclone unleashed 120 mph winds as it struck Britain, which downed trees and toppled buildings. Similarly, Storm Eunice wreaked havoc earlier this year, prompting the Met Office to issue a rare red wind warning for the south-west of Britain.

The storm that began as an extratropical cyclone in the central Atlantic and was whipped into the UK by the jet stream.

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As we head into September, the low pressure will return. While there will be a brief dip in temperature over the next week, this will recover to “near or above average” later on.

Temperatures near or above average are expected in mid and late September. The BBC adds the weather will “come at times with rain in the north and west but perhaps calmer in the south and east”.

This assumes that the weather is not disturbed by the possible Atlantic hurricanes.

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