BIC Alliance members stand ready to help during hurricane season


Special welding and turnarounds (SWAT) has five meters strategically located on the Gulf Coast and the West Coast. SWAT’s large inventory of mechanical tool tags, alky tags, exchanger equipment, and catalytic converter equipment can be shipped for emergency repairs and service or hurricane response. The SWAT team consists of over 2,000 craftsmen who are ready for emergency services or quick turnaround projects. SWAT can provide customers with equipment, tools and manpower at home and abroad wherever an emergency occurs.

When security matters Absolute security is ready. The company offers a variety of services that can assist customers both before and after the storm. This includes providing safety supplies such as tools, signage, clothing, PPE and cleaning equipment. Fire detection and suppression systems are often out of order after a storm. The Total Safety team can respond with fire protection system specialists who can assess and repair suppression, monitoring and alarm systems. During the recovery period, the company can provide highly qualified personnel to provide life-saving equipment and support for gas detection, respiratory protection, and breathable air, to name a few.

Tower power based in Deer Park, Texas, knows that hurricanes will always be a factor in his business. Tower Force offices and warehouse are located on the tallest lot on Railroad Street, directly across from major manufacturing facilities on the Houston Ship Channel. Tower Force crews and equipment can be remotely mobilized to provide better response time to customers wherever they are. Tower Force also has replacement tower tray hardware and components available for emergencies. All Tower Force software systems are cloud-based, so that office and field service management can access the same information at the same time. These cloud-based applications allow management to report to customers without having to be in a specific location, so they can get timely progress reports on their projects.

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be above normal and pose a threat to many industries and the safety of workers faced with arc and lightning fire hazards at work. Qualified service providers like Tyndale can assist you by ensuring that your employees’ rainwear meets applicable standards and by taking on the burden of capturing employee orders, enforcing expenses, and creating an OSHA employee-level audit trail. Tyndale sells protective rainwear so you can focus on keeping the country going during hurricane season. Preparedness plans require adjustments based on COVID-19 guidelines from the CDC and local officials. COVID-19 has impacted inventory levels of the AR / FR rainwear available in the market, limiting the ability of suppliers to replenish inventory after purchasing. Ask yourself, “How can I protect my workers?”

United Site Services (USS) is always ready to assist in your response to unplanned outages or natural disasters, including tropical storms and hurricanes. With operations along the Gulf Coast and across the United States, USS can quickly mobilize portable plumbing solutions after disaster relief to keep your operations going with these essential services. The USS fleet includes portable toilets, sinks and disinfection stations; mobile shower, toilet and laundry trailers; and roll-off container. As an industry expert in providing comprehensive temporary plumbing solutions, USS leverages information such as schedule, work fluctuations, and equipment location to develop an efficient and safe solution that meets your needs. USS is ready to help you develop your plan for the unexpected.

United States Environmental Services (USES) operates 10 emergency call centers along the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, Florida to Galveston, Texas. Services include decontamination, land and water spill removal, hazardous material response, plant releases, vacuum services, site remediation and contingency planning. As the U.S. Coast Guard oil spill cleanup organization, it maintains the highest standards of training in the industry. In 2020, USES responded as the prime contractor for Debris Management Services for Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Zeta. USES coordinated staging areas, delivered hundreds of roll-off boxes, cut up damaged power pylons and disposed of storm debris. Crews were also used to collect and transport transformers. USES restores order with an ongoing commitment to disaster risk reduction.

This season, minimize the impact on operations and plan ahead US ecology Industry leading 24/7 response services. US Ecology’s seasoned staff are leaders in disaster relief and cleanup, and have helped thousands of customers reach land in the wake of some of the most devastating storms of all time, including Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Harvey, Irma and Michael.

After a storm, US Ecology understands the importance of getting business back on track as soon as possible. The company leads the industry for reliability and efficiency, with the fastest mobilization times and the best resources available. The experienced crews provide exceptional customer service during every response and ensure that all work is carried out thoroughly, safely and in full compliance with all regulations.

At the USA DeBusk (USAD), team members understand the importance of preparing for Gulf Coast weather-related events. USAD has 12 offices along the Gulf Coast that serve the region on a daily basis and are prepared to respond to weather-related emergencies as efficiently as possible. From prep-related activities to shutdown units and operations to cleaning and maintenance after a storm, USAD crews are prepared and trained for your needs.

Recommended Practices for Vacuuming and High Pressure Water Jetting, published by the WaterJet Technology Association (WJTA) are essential references for contractors performing disaster control and cleanup work. The recently updated manuals, which are regularly reviewed by the technical committee of the WJTA, describe best practices for the safe and efficient performance of cleaning and maintenance work, which is of crucial importance in dealing with the consequences of severe weather. Best practices include information on manual and automated cleaning methods for a range of applications that are useful in plant environments.

Wolseley Industrial Group knows that every emergency is unique. With more than 2,500 employees backed by remote call centers around the clock, Wolseley’s primary goal is to keep you up and running before, during, and after disasters.

For disasters that require prior planning, Wolseley parks trucks with essentials outside the storm path. After assessing the impact, the Wolseley team provides access to extensive inventory with same or next day service from its distribution centers and local offices. If the unexpected happens, 168 industrial locations and extensive trucking routes enable your business continuity. Call a Wolseley Industrial location near you and make sure you are prepared for tomorrow’s unique disaster and challenges.

Woven Metal Products (WMP) can help any plant in an emergency or crisis. WMP has a customer-specific production facility and specializes in reactor and tower internals. WMP manufactures special process components for reactors and towers all year round. If you are in a crisis situation and need internals to get a reactor or tower back up and running, WMP will answer that call. With an on-site engineering and design department, WMP can handle immediate emergencies around the clock.


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