Brutal cold sets in over several days, warns the meteorologist

The deep frost that settled in Winnipeg on Tuesday night was not a problem for Dallas Jones and her children.

While many chose to stay inside and wait for the extreme cold warning, Jones, a mother of three, packed herself and two of her young children together and went on a winter walk down Wolseley Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Jones pulled one child on a sled and watched the other go ahead and said she was actually surprised to hear it was the coldest day of the season yet.

“We always run,” she said. “Cold, rain, sunshine, we always run.”

The cold snap in the prairies causes temperatures in the range of -40 ° C for the next few nights, with below-average temperatures continuing until the turn of the year.

“I think if you ask people who have lived here long enough, many of them will say that this time of year between Christmas and New Years there is often a break-in … that shouldn’t come as a big surprise to many who are really in live on the prairies, “said Natalie Hasell, a meteorologist for Canada’s environmental and climate change alert Free press.

“We don’t have topography that will keep cold air from the Arctic from getting into southern Manitoba or beyond,” Hasell said.

Environment Canada’s extreme cold warning will likely continue through Sunday or Monday, she said. Even then, it will remain colder than usual, and there should be another freeze by the middle of the month.

With this in mind, Hasell emphasized that such cold can very quickly become very dangerous, although the snow is a lot of fun.

“We issue these warnings because the cold has consequences. We don’t issue the warning because we know it’s inherently cold, “she said.” Warnings are issued because it’s a reminder that this weather is a hazard. ”

Take this opportunity to learn about the signs of cold overexposure, which can range from numbness to shortness of breath, and how to let others know that they are dealing with hypothermia, which can present itself in such a way that the victim looks drunk or as if they have diabetes, she said.

“This is your opportunity to be the good neighbor, to check on your friends and family, and to be careful of what is happening around you,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jones said she would continue to take her kids in all weathers, noting that there was plenty to do in winter and her kids wanted to experience it all.

“I know I want to take her tobogganing soon (and) I’ll take my oldest skating,” she said.

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