Disaster Fund

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund appeals to flood victims

Many residents of the Traralgon Creek area were trapped in their homes by rising flood waters last week and had to be evacuated by helicopter. Photo: Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund Facebook page The GIPPSLAND Emergency Relief Fund has appealed for financial donations to provide immediate support to residents affected by …

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American stagnation plan | City newspaper

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called states “labs of democracy,” which meant US local governments were free to undertake policy initiatives that could help determine which ideas work and which don’t. The Biden administration’s US bailout will likely be the biggest funder of local government experimentation in the nine decades …

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Finding Passion and Purpose in Disaster Epidemiology

TyKeara Mims, PhD student at Texas A&M, current cohort of Bill Anderson Fund. Texas A&M Health Sciences Center During the last semester of her undergraduate career at Spelman College, where she was working on a history degree, TyKeara Kims had the chance to meet a public health professional. While discussing …

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