Cool rendering sees GMC SVE Syclone reinterpreted as a typhoon

An Instagram digital artist played with his creativity to turn the pickup truck into a cool and clearly souped-up SUV.

That GMC Syclone offers the purpose of being a pickup truck. However, @jlord8 on Instagram set about turning an SVE Syclone into a Typhoon, which is a very different type of vehicle. Although they look both bulky and beastly, the Typhoon is rounder, more modern and has a completely different style than an SUV. Here’s what we think about it.

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A pickup into an SUV

GMC’s SVE Syclone went into production in 1991 and has since taken the throne as one of the brand’s most popular pickups. While it’s a comfortable, fast, and powerful ride, it’s not the most attractive truck. With its bony exterior and low stance, it’s not very appealing to the modern consumer.

However, this rendering project by @jlord8 on Instagram shows how an SVE Syclone transforms into a much more attractive model. The Syclone stands proud behind the render and appears as the Typhoon, GMC’s popular SUV.

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A success or failure?

Transforming an SVE Syclone will never be easy, especially since it has a rather unusual and unattractive appearance. However, this rendering project aims to transform the ugly pickup truck into a more appealing and modern SUV.

With rounded edges, a higher stance, a distinctive grille and bigger wheels, the SVE Syclone looks appealing for the first time in its life. The base model of the SVE Syclone isn’t attractive to begin with, so it’s quite an achievement that the artist managed to make the ride look handsome in parts.

If only GMC would look at this rendering project and take it upon themselves to make this design come true, it would probably see a lot more sales. Although some say it looks like a giant shoe or is too heavy to walk great, we think it’s quite an achievement. It’s not every day that a Syclone looks somehow appealing.

Overall, this rendering project of the SVE Syclone into a Typhoon is something we hope to see in the future. It may look heavy and rather bold, but that will help it sell itself to customers looking for a tougher (and more appealing) GMC ride.

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