CORRECT and REPLACE Stratton Equities Announces Partnership with Lendsmart to Accelerate Underwriting Process

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Stratton Equities will underwrite loans in advance and reduce loan application processing times using Lendsmart’s AI underwriting platform.

Stratton Stocksthe first national direct hard money, NON-QM lender specializing in fast and flexible lending processes for borrowers with real estate investment properties, announced a partnership with Lend smarter, an AI-powered digital lending platform. The partnership will allow Stratton Equities to underwrite loans in advance and reduce loan application processing times using Lendsmart’s AI underwriting platform.

With Lendsmart, we can provide a higher level of service to our customers and significantly improve the onboarding experience,” said Michael Mikhail, CEO and Founder of Stratton Equities. “We can also approve customers faster and close more deals.”

Lendsmart’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will provide the mortgage lender with access to the necessary source data, enabling instant verification of assets, income, employment, as well as automatically completed 1003 and loan application forms .

“Lendsmart predicts credit and underwriting terms required in the loan origination process by matching them to a borrower’s data in real time, rather than making the borrower wait over a month for news. of the subscriber”, said AK Patel, founder and CEO of Lendsmart.

The partnership will allow Lendsmart to continue its goal of supporting lenders with the latest technology and helping more borrowers get a loan in record time.

About Stratton Stocks

Stratton Equities is the nation’s leading hard money and NON-QM direct lender, specializing in fast and flexible lending processes. Its team is owned and operated by experienced real estate investors, providing a reliable and knowledgeable team to help all real estate investors succeed. For more information, visit Connect and follow Stratton Equities on social media to LinkedIn, instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @StrattonEquities.

About Lendsmart

Lendsmart (founded in 2018) is an AI-powered digital lending platform that automates and digitizes lending and home buying transactions to create a unique, automated conversational experience for banks, credit unions, and businesses. non-bank lenders. By using artificial intelligence to digitize up to 70% of the loan and home buying process, Lendsmart enables borrowers to obtain a loan, refinance or buy a home in record time. For more information, visit

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