Daventry U3A columnist Trisha celebrates everything she loves about Britain

Trisha Dawkins.
Trisha Dawkins.

This week’s piece was written by Trisha Dawkins.

Trisha, who worked as a nurse, has two grown children. She and her second husband Thomas also have five grandchildren.

I am very happy to have been born on our little island of Great Britain

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The Queen. Image: Pixabay.

There are many advantages to having a UK passport, and here are some.

Our queen deserves our respect. By virtue of her birth, she has been a constitutional monarch since 1953 and, in my eyes, a queen who should be loved and respected.

Our weather is always a topic of conversation because of its diversity, our weather is mild compared to other countries that experience typhoons, cyclones, earthquakes, droughts and severe floods.

We are ruled by a democracy that is so much better than being ruled by a despot who cares for his own protection, not that of his people.

Someone for a cup of tea?

We also live in a welfare state in which we are guaranteed benefits when there is no work. Imagine living in a country where there is no work and no wages, it would be terrible.

We have access to a health service that offers a 24-hour service if necessary. I know we pay this through the social security that comes from our wages, but what you don’t get you don’t miss out.

Many complain about our NHS, but when you consider how many people walk through its doors every day, there are few complaints.

We are guaranteed an apprenticeship between the ages of 5 and 16, and if it is used, we have every opportunity to develop ourselves further.

I am so happy to have the NHS.

We are a nation of bright minds, see our scientists working on climate change, medical research, and the latest vaccines so necessary to protect us from the current pandemic.

Yes, as always, maybe we can find things to criticize if we look carefully enough, but I say check out the positives of our little island and thank our lucky stars for calling the UK home.

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