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Here is our current weather forecast for India

5-day nationwide forecast

Light rains with thunderstorms and lightning will persist in isolated spots over South Madhya Maharashtra on Saturday and then decrease.

In the south, scattered light rains are expected over Kerala and Mahe March 14-15 and over Tamil Nadu March 13-15.

No significant rainfall was forecast for the rest of the country for the next five days.

Meanwhile, heat waves up to severe heat waves are very likely to continue in some coastal areas of Saurashtra-Kutch this weekend, March 12-13.

Indeed, maximum temperatures of 40°C or more are likely in Gujarat and Rajasthan from the weekend through the first half of next week due to the coverage of a high pressure centered in southern Gujarat. Areas with maximum temperatures of 40C or more will spread to parts of inland southern India later next week, after Wednesday.

In the north, day and nighttime temperatures will be fairly to extremely higher than normal in much of the Trans-Himalayan, Western Himalayan and Himalayan regions at least through late March.

Regional 2-day forecast


  • Scattered thunderstorms are likely in southwest Maharashtra and along the southern Konkan Coast.
  • Heavy fog is expected in Puducherry and the northeast coast of Tamil Nadu, especially around Chennai in the morning.


  • Scattered thunder is possible around Goa.
  • Maximum temperatures of 40°C or more are expected in southern Gujarat.


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