This week’s dive report

The conditions last week were fantastic! There was amazing visibility with a slight breeze which made the diving experience above and below the surface extremely enjoyable.

We had our eyes on Elsa, but didn’t think she was a major threat here in the Upper Keys. So far it seems we have been spared.

Speaking of Elsa, last weekend we certified Allison Banks, the meteorologist for NBC 2 in Fort Myers. It was pretty nice to have an expert giving us predictions about the storm. Congratulations to Ali on her certification and thanks for the info!

Next week’s dive report

The weather this week is still uncertain. We kept a close eye on Elsa to see what she would do after crossing Cuba. With these big storms that come out of the open sea, you never know. We all watch the spaghetti models and know that the cone can shift and move within hours. Accordingly, all boats were moored just in case.

Always prepare your ship for potential major storms. “Lock the hatches,” as they used to say. For us this means: properly tying up the boat, ensuring adequate protection (e.g. bumper) between the boat and the dock, removing everything loosely from the boat or stowing it in a locked compartment, and bimini tops, Isinglass and electronics. A little preparation will help your boat weather the storm and be ready for you once the skies are clear.

Conservation update


On Saturday we had another great day planting corals. It always feels good to do a day of work on the reef. Conservation and marine optimism never get old.

As an added bonus, our shop’s photographer was on site to get some fantastic shots of attendees doing their part in restoring the reef.

Conservation tip

Properly preparing your ship for storms will minimize damage to your boat and the surrounding area.

I.CARE tip

This Saturday, Key Dives will host the coral planting trip.


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