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As always, the Bulgarian finds loopholes in the law to get away with!
Despite the express legal ban, several media also show the preliminary election results.

Laws are there for everyone and the media should be there to monitor compliance, not justify itself and find “detours”.

Their position is that if some do, so will we. In addition, every time they escape with impunity, despite the code of ethics of the media and the judicial authorities who must oversee it.

Whether for the purpose of more traffic and users, for the purpose of manipulation or for pure display, this will continue to be done.

Here is the media today showing the preliminary results since this morning:


The website has 8 participants in today’s ELECTION competition as “Bulgaria Grand Prix 2021 “.


Borisov’s SUV

Slavi’s lobster

Ninovas Lada

Karaday’s bus

Kostov’s scooter

The tank of the patriots

Mayan train

Bozhkov’s Maybach


– In your YouTube channel as well as in Viber you can see which parties are with what percentage throughout the day.

Her statement reads: “The parties have access to the preliminary results and can react to them – why not the voters. Furthermore, the politicians obviously do not want these percentages to be published. They monitor the data all day, and they are the ones who can. ” Supporters organize when, where and how much to vote. “


For you the elections are confectionery with the following options:

Tanning paste

“There is such a cake”

Red velvet cake

Parfait “Democrat”

Baklava “Saray”

Petit Fours “Maya”

Revival cupcakes

Dubai eclairs

Patriot Cupcakeca


Today they decided to show that “Car traffic” to Bankya, Positano, Doganovo, Uchindol, Mareshko, in percent!


As before elections, the page shows preliminary results such as CYCLONS, ANTICYCLONES AND TAIFOONS:

You decide whether this is right, ethical, acceptable or not!

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