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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW / WAGT) – As Fred approaches the coastal areas of the Gulf of Mexico, the current from our southeast will increase atmospheric humidity over the CSRA, creating the opportunity for additional storms today. This southeastern current will stay in place and increase our storm chances through Tuesday today as Fred transitions to our west. Thanks to the cloud cover provided by Fred, the morning lows will remain at the lows until the next mornings until the mid-1970s. The high temperatures will remain in the mid-80s this afternoon and Tuesday.

Fred will have heavy rainfall parts of the southeast with the highest rainfall west of the CSRA. Locally we can expect 1-2 inches of precipitation until Wednesday morning. Locally higher amounts of precipitation are possible. The heaviest rain tonight seems to drag on all day on Tuesday.

Some thunderstorms could produce higher amounts locally, so the Weather Prediction Center has today exposed the entire region to a minor risk of level 1 flash floods.

We also have a small marginal risk of flash flooding on Monday afternoons and evenings.(WRDW)

A FIRST ALARM was also issued for Tuesday in anticipation of minor flooding problems from heavy rains triggered by Fred.

The terrain is likely to be saturated by heavy rains expected today, so more heavy rain on Tuesday will only increase our risk of flash floods. The Weather Prediction Center put most of the CSRA at slight risk of flash flooding Tuesday.

Low risk of flash floods in most of the CSRA on Tuesday.
Low risk of flash floods in most of the CSRA on Tuesday.(WRDW)

Fred isn’t the only system we’re keeping an eye on, Tropical Depression Grace is likely to follow a path similar to Fred’s. It is expected to have an impact on Hispaniola and eventually Cuba. It is currently forecast that it will intensify into a tropical storm once it penetrates the warmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Invest 96-L is also another system that could get a name in the next 24 hours.

Grace's latest track from the NHC
Grace’s latest track from the NHC(WRDW)

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