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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — Check out our latest Facebook Live update for WINTER STORM ADVICE applying to Aiken, Columbia, Edgefield, Lincoln, McCormick, McDuffie, Richmond, Saluda, Taliaferro and Wilkes Counties:

Partly to mostly cloudy skies through tonight. Temperatures will drop into the 30s early Saturday. Saturday morning lows will fall in the mid 30s. Clouds will increase throughout Saturday as low pressure approaches from the west. During the day we will remain mostly dry on Saturday with highs in the upper 50’s. The wind blows between 5 and 10 km/h from the east.

Expected winter weather on Sunday:

Not everyone will see winter weather on Sunday, areas along and north of I-20 are at greatest risk Freezing rain, we issued one FIRST ALERT for surrounding counties. ONE WINTER WEATHER NOTICE applies to Aiken, Columbia, Edgefield, Lincoln, McCormick, McDuffie, Richmond, Saluda, Taliaferro and Wilkes counties. Areas that have a winter weather advisory have the greatest chance of seeing winter weather, which would result in disrupted travel and power outages. In areas south of Augusta you will likely only see cold rain. The heaviest rain/freezing rain looks likely Sunday morning from 4am to 12pm.

First warning issued for Sunday(WRDW)

What kind of precipitation will you see and how much?

Areas north of and along I-20 are at greatest risk of seeing freezing rain. The highest amounts will be in Saluda, Edgefield, McCormick, Lincoln and Wilkes counties with total amounts of 0.15 inches to 0.25 inches of ice. From Taliaferro to Edgefield Counties there is a medium risk of icing with total values ​​between 0.10″-0.20″. Finally, areas directly along I-20 have a low risk of icing with accumulations between one glaze and 0.10 inches.

Greatest risk of icing
Greatest risk of icing(WRDW)

With the risk of ice formation and windy conditions there is a chance of isolated to isolated power outages so make sure you have your winter weather plan ready! Roads and highway bridges will also be slippery, so traveling on Sunday mornings and parts of the afternoon is not recommended.

For areas south of Augusta there will only be cold rain. Rain totals are in the region of between 1″-1.5″.

precipitation type
precipitation type(WRDW)

This is still a very fluid forecast and will still need some adjustments to ensure it stays here for updates.

How freezing rain is formed:

You may be wondering what are the best conditions for freezing rain and how it affects the roads. Here’s First Alert meteorologist Anthony Carpino with what you need to know.

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