Glenn Zimmerman’s spring 2022 weather forecast

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Transitions are tough. You can use this expression to define a lot of things. In this case, we use it to define the transition from winter to summer.


Wild temperature swings are a benchmark for March. You know the old saying “Rin in like a lamb, out like a lion?” This is March, in short, be prepared for anything. You expect March to be all spring and flowers and sunny days, but that’s never the case. Snow, wind, rain, thunderstorms, even more rain and cold are part of every March.

After a mild December we have had two months with below normal temperatures so far. I think this March will be back on the warmer side of normal. March will be a wet month with a chance of snow early in the month. Any of the spring months can experience severe weather and we will also be at risk of some strong storm systems.

March 2021 was wet with above average rain and some heavy thunderstorms. I think this year we’re going to have a wet month with a few thunderstorms and a chance of snow. March 2021 was warmer than normal and I think this trend will continue in 2022.


April is always a difficult month to predict. Average high temperatures warm up from the low 60s at the beginning of the month to the low 70s by the end of the month. And you know the old saying “April showers bring mayflowers”. Yes, it can be a wet month.

I think this April will be a wet one with above average rainfall. Easter is on the 17th and we had snow at Easter. But this year, as April will be warmer than normal, a chance of snow this month is a long shot.

April 2021 was slightly cooler than normal and slightly wetter than normal. I think this April 2022 will remain with the wetter than normal theme but will also be warmer than normal.

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I have a friend who sells pools. He always asks me, “What are the chances of turning 90 this May?” His theory, if it gets warmer early in the month, he’ll sell more pools.

Last year our May was chilly and in 2021 we didn’t hit 90 until almost the second week of June. In fact, there was no 90 degree measurement in May 2020. 2019 was the last May we hit 90. But I think this year will be warm air. So the chances of a 90 or higher are better this year.

I think this May will also be wetter than normal, continuing April’s wet theme and building on the information from Angela’s visit to the National Weather Service. Sounds like the rivers can handle the extra water.

So to compare the years: May 2021 was cooler than normal. It’s going to be warmer for us this year. But this warmer trend will bring more rain. 2021 was nearly 2 inches drier than normal. 2022 will be different, more rain and maybe more thunderstorms.

We didn’t have much severe weather last spring, but I think the combination of a changing global pattern and a warmer surge in temperatures this year will bring more active weather. Conclusion: more storms.

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