Golden Hurricane brings dynamic duo back together for the 2021 season


The Golden Hurricane begins its season against Northwestern State on Wednesday night.

The dynamic duo of Jeriah Horne and Darian Jackson will lead this year’s group and their journey to hardwood has been a special one.

Jeriah Horne is a college basketball world traveler. Horne has played in 3 different conferences. He started his career in Nebraska, then Tulsa, Colorado and then back to TU.

The journey may have been long, but ending in blues and gold seems spot on.

“It was a breeze for me to get back here, it’s my home and to finish my senior year at the University of Tulsa I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” said Tulsa striker Jeriah Horne.

His colleague Darrien Jackson could have hung it up, but when he found out Horne was back in the mix, the fifth year decided to hang it up again.

“It gives so much more depth to what we can bring, and since he already knows our offense and defense, he can adapt more quickly and help all newbies,” said TU Guard Darrien Jackson.

Both players loved it and both players had no problem finding the bottom of the cup, but it’s their attachment to the pitch that makes them successful.

“That was my roommate when he left and we met, and he’s my roommate now who just has this guidance that takes Jeriah to the level that it’s a bonus for,” said Jackson.

“The same apartment I was in before so that we can just be together and have this chemistry on the pitch, man, it’s amazing that I can play with Darrien for another year because these things are so much bigger and more important” said Horne.

The best thing about the Dynamic Duo is that it’s not about them. Ultimately, it comes down to victories and the team.

“Whatever you think gives us the best chance of winning, I want to do that and I leave that to you and that’s pretty great,” said TU head coach Frank Haith.


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