Accessible to all, Manifest sets a new precedent

HOWELL, NJ, February 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — GPARENCY today announces the launch of Manifest, the industry’s first open-access rolodex in the commercial mortgage industry, designed to provide unprecedented transparency to commercial real estate owners. Available on directory provides contact information for more than 3,600 commercial lenders and institutional equity funds nationwide.


“I founded GPARENCY with one goal in mind: to create equitable access to opportunity for commercial real estate owners everywhere,” explained Ira Zlotowitz, Founder and CEO of GPARENCY. “Think about it – access to people is how deals are done and no one in the commercial mortgage industry has ever shared their contacts publicly and for free before. The release of the first phase of Manifest is a step significant forward and just a glimpse of what’s to come.”

This proprietary tool displays contact details for over 3,600 strategic lending and capital institutions, highlighting the transparency sought by GPARENCY, as well as the power of GPARENCY connections. The Manifest database is currently searchable by name and institution. The platform will be constantly updated and over the next 60 days improvements will include search filtering to allow users to target searches based on a specific condition or type of property, as well as partner lending profiles to find the best lender for each transaction. . In the future, Manifest will also accept offers directly from search results.

This announcement follows the release of GPARENCY’s first subscription service, the Founders program. The new national program gives members access to state-specific GP Concierges who act as acquisition representatives providing up-to-date and confirmed listings, listing broker information and market information for capital needed to handle an unlimited amount of mortgages or equity on their own, all without additional brokerage. costs. If a GP wants the full broker experience, GPARENCY members will never pay more than $16,000 to close any size commercial mortgage.

GPARENCY’s direct-to-bank formula offers borrowers transparency, technology, professional services with expert touches from top real estate finance executives, and simple pricing. GPARENCY is poised to be the future of the mortgage industry.

GPARENCY creates equitable access to opportunity for commercial real estate owners everywhere. GPARENCY offers its members a Concierge who acts as an acquisition representative by providing GPs with up-to-date listings and capital markets information. This allows general practitioners to self-direct an unlimited number commercial mortgages – debt and equity – without paying anyone a penny more.

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