G&W supports the stability of the PH power grid

G&W Electric, a global supplier of electrical power systems since 1905, launched its Teros Recloser in the Philippines.
G&W Electric executives

The new Teros Recloser can work with a variety of configurations in any application and is designed to improve system reliability and network stability. The new recloser offers overcurrent protection in the event of temporary faults on overhead lines and reduces long-term system failures. “Network reliability affects everyone – around the globe – from the average household to entire factories and telecommunications systems. The results are not only inconvenient but also economical, â€said G&W Electric Chairman John Mueller. G&W has a presence in the Philippines in the early 1900s when the US Navy and US Army established military bases in the country. “Basically, that was when we began providing electrical equipment to US Navy bases and military facilities in the Philippines and other countries around the world. So we had been present here and in the areas in the Far East for many years, â€said Müller. G&W has worked with China on a joint development project between electrical engineers in Shanghai and US engineers based in Illinois to introduce one of the best international resealers. Reclosers are crucial for the resilience and the improvement of the reliability of the power grid, according to Müller. He said reclosers are critical to a utility’s network reliability in order to better mitigate disruption and manage a reliable power service. “Improvements in reclosing technology are imperative to reduce widespread power outages,” he said. The new Teros Recloser offers a multitude of advantages and fits most configurations, despite the different requirements from country to country. With no oil or gas insulation required, the Teros recloser eliminates the need for routine maintenance and improves staff safety. Teros with solid dielectric and electronic control has been tried and tested for reliable load switching and overcurrent protection. Regardless of whether you want to improve or expand network systems and capacities, Teros offers on-site designs for utility companies for new and existing electrical systems. “Teros comes at an opportune time when countries like the Philippines are targeting a post-pandemic recovery. Reliable energy is the lifeblood of any economy, so the Philippines must ensure that utility companies of all sizes have automated equipment to protect infrastructure and minimize lengthy blackouts, â€said Giin Sia, Regional Vice President Asia Pacific at G&W. Sia said that in the Philippines, ongoing electrification efforts are providing more provinces with power and that facilities are being upgraded. However, several factors put additional strain on the electricity grid, such as rapid urbanization and climate change, which is constantly threatening it with the strong typhoons that hit the country every year. Outages are still commonplace, especially with power cooperatives, which are likely to have fewer resources to update outdated infrastructure. Mueller said with the growing population and greater demand for reliable power, coupled with new construction, reliance on technology and the effects of climate change, utility companies are working hard to save customers the cost and inconvenience of frequent outages. “Reclosers are the global market solution for expanding distribution networks and improving reliable power supply,†he said. The Teros Recloser is designed to reduce the number, frequency and duration of failures in overhead line systems, including main distribution lines, distribution branch circuits and substations. The lightweight and compact Teros site-ready designs provide all the brackets, arresters and voltage transformers required for easy installation. In addition, the new recloser is ready for power grid automation, simplifying the need for future automation needs. “Teros helps small sales companies to make the first step in their modernization easy, affordable and quality assured. As G&W Electric continues to develop innovative products for utility companies of all sizes, we look forward to working more closely with power cooperatives to encourage their transition to smart grids, â€said Enriko Camacho, Regional Sales Manager Asia Pacific at G&W. Since 1905, G&W Electric has been helping to supply the world with energy with innovative power grid solutions and products. With the introduction of the first separable cable termination device at the beginning of the 20th century, G&W Electric made a name for itself for innovative technical solutions that met the requirements of system designers. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, G&W Electric enjoys a worldwide reputation for quality products and first-class service.

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