Has Goldlewis improved for Guilty Gear Strive after patch 1.10? Roofer overlooks the new Secretary of Absolute Defense


Guilty Gear Strive was recently patched to version 1.10. It feels like the entire cast has been refreshed in some way with the big update.

Goldlewis Dickinson was the first DLC fighter to join the Guilty Gear Strive roster, but has struggled to keep up with the rest of the roster ever since. Were his buffs enough to make him more relevant? roofer posted a video that tries to answer this question.

One of the great weaknesses of Goldlewis Dickinson is its sensitivity to pressure. The reduced start-up on his crouching punch will certainly help mitigate this weakness somewhat, although his short range is still an issue.

As mentioned in the video, more versions of Behemoth Typhoon can now be used in the air thanks to its new ability to get the momentum from an air strike. This gives the Secretary of Absolute Defense more full-screen presence.

His Skyfish has also seen dramatic improvements. Rooflemonger in particular believes that Skyfish at security level 3 is now the best projectile in the game. It’s incredibly fast and will make opponents think twice before attempting to take this fighter out now.

Like basically all other characters, Goldlewis now has access to some new combo routes. Overall, Goldlewis has better neutrality and access to better damage abilities.

However, this patch has a disadvantage for Goldlewis players. Due to the universal changes to Flawless Defense Mechanics, certain versions of Behemoth Typhoon will do worse in pressure situations. This universal change is believed to have had the most negative impact on Goldlewis, more than any other fighter in Guilty Gear Strive.


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