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From right are Build Change Philippines Program Officer Marvin Daryl Riego, Country Director Arnel Capili, Holcim Philippines Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Zoe Sibala, and Vice President for Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Cara Ramirez during the signing of the Partnership for Disaster Preparedness Construction on May 11th.

As part of its commitment to driving progress in the country,

Holcim Philippines, Inc., a leading provider of construction solutions, has partnered with Build Change, an organization focused on building disaster-resistant homes in developing countries to strengthen local structures against natural disasters.

Zoe Sibala, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Holcim Philippines, and Arnel Capili, Country Director of Build Change Philippines, sealed the partnership on May 11 to work on disaster-resilient housing projects and represent this approach to stakeholders. The parties agreed to work together to initially support areas affected by Super Typhoon Odette in 2021.

As part of the partnership, both Holcim and Build Change will work together on potential projects to build or retrofit homes, schools and evacuation centers for disaster resilience and capacity building through training and advocacy for policy or funding strategies with key stakeholders.

Both parties also commit to developing a scalable affordable housing program in collaboration with other key stakeholders such as microfinance institutions to increase access to affordable, disaster-resistant housing, particularly for the vulnerable sections of society.

Capili stressed the importance of making structures in the Philippines more resilient given its vulnerability to natural disasters such as earthquakes and storms given the country’s location in the Pacific Ring of Fire and typhoon belt.

He added that climate change continues to exacerbate these threats as it exacerbates extreme weather events around the world.

“The Build Change advocacy is to build resilient homes and provide a safe place for Filipinos when these disasters strike. This partnership will help make that happen. This will be as solid as Holcim cement, durable as a build-change house and as enduring as the friendship and camaraderie we will forge with Holcim Philippines,” he said.

Sibala, meanwhile, noted the relevance of the partnership to the company’s commitment to creating inclusive progress in the country.

“Owning a home remains an elusive dream for many Filipinos. Build Change has paved the way for increased access to affordable, decent, and resilient housing in the country, so we’re excited to add to that effort. This partnership also demonstrates that we can create business value while addressing social issues, and key to this is a credible partner with a strong track record. Through our innovative and sustainable building solutions, and with the right products for the right applications, we want to support Build Change in its mission to build more resilient homes and achieve our vision of building greener, smarter and for everyone,” she said.



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