How does climate change affect floods?


Forbes reports that the floods caused by Hurricanes Elsa and Harvey, as well as the rain floods in Florida and Georgia and the flash floods in New York, New Jersey and Houston, are all due to climate change. Superstorm Sandy caused massive flooding along the entire east coast of the US, and rising rivers and creeks created by excessive rainfall have caused flooding in parts of Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, Tokyo, Belgium, Germany and Edinburgh.

In coastal and island regions such as Vunidogoloa in Fiji and Manila in the Philippines, the rising sea water has gone from a slightly higher tide to a slowly sinking city in record time. Accordingly The guard, successive typhoons in 2009, 2012 and 2018 caused billions in flood damage, massive evacuations and significant loss of life.

Fiji has also seen its share of oceanic cyclones and monstrous typhoons. In addition, Vunidologia and several other islands in the country are still slowly sinking into the ocean due to rising waters caused by melting ice caps, the country said United Nations. As the planet warms and storms continue to intensify, things will only get worse for island nations like this one.


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