Hurricanes Continue Shutout Streak With Senior Day Win /

CHESHIRE, Massachusetts – Hoosac Valley senior Carson Meczywor tossed one touchdown and ran for another on Saturday as the Hurricanes celebrated Senior Day with a 14-0 win over Frontier.

The Hurricanes held the ball for most of the afternoon but managed only two scoring drives: a 68-yard march in the first quarter and a 61-yard drive in the fourth quarter.

Almost half of the first drive came in his last game, a 32 yard bomb on Meczwor’s right on his classmate Caleb Harrington.

A third senior, Aaron Bush, ran in the 2-point conversion, and the Hurricanes (4-1) had an 8-0 lead.

“They did what they had to do and it will be a good learning experience, even into next week, but the seniors did what they had to do today,” said Hoosact Valley trainer Mike Bostwick.

“They really showed it on the defensive. And it’s going to be great on the offensive because it gave us a lot of things to work on and we can improve, because we need to improve a few things on the offensive side of the ball.”

Hoosactal can’t do much better on the defensive than in the past few weeks.

After Hoosact Valley surrendered 14 points to Taconic in week 2, they did not surrender a point in the last three games.

The next frontier came in the middle of the second quarter when the Hurricanes fumbled the ball away on their own 9.

Bush stopped Josh Semanski (Team-High 61 Yards Rushing) at the line of scrimmage at the first and goal. On the second down, Griffin attacked Mucci Semanski for a 3 yard win. Third and scoring on the 6, Nicholas Pompi and Jake Mucci put Frontier’s quarterback in an incompleteness.

And fourth and goal, Meczywor grabbed a pass into the end zone to end the threat.

Hoosact Valley had another stand deep in their zone by two points in the fourth quarter, stopping Frontier on a fourth and fifth run at the Hurricanes’ 9.

Hoosact Valley got that two-point cushion with a drive that spanned the third and fourth quarters.

Meczywor completed two passes on the eight-game drive – hitting Bush for 15 yards to cross midfield and Harrington for 32 yards to get to 17th.

Meczywor finished the drive with goalkeepers for the last three games to go 11 yards, the last 2 for the result.

He finished in a 30-yard rush to pass with a 98-yard pass. Bush ran 65.

“The defense did it today,” said Bostwick. “We had to make a lot of last minute changes this week and I think that raised some doubts in their minds today. They didn’t do it the way they should have done.”

“However, I would like to give Frontier a lot of credit. A strong team that stuck with it ended the game.”

Bostwick said Hoosactal is mostly injury free but there were some other issues that kept the players off the field on Saturday – a big problem for an already relatively short bench.

The Hurricanes will hope to fire on all cylinders on Friday when they visit Belchertown.

Photos from this game will follow.

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