Hurricanes’ DeAngelo fined for diving / beautification


The American judge gave it a 7.7. The NHL went with $ 2,000.

Carolina Hurricanes defense attorney Tony DeAngelo has been fined $ 2,000 for diving / beautification.

DeAngelo’s first breach that resulted in a league warning was against the Arizona Coyotes on October 31.

His second incident, which resulted in a $ 2,000 fine, occurred against the Florida Panthers on November 6th. DeAngelo pulled a hooking penalty on the game from Panther’s defender Gustav Forsling. There was no call to embellish the piece.

From the NHL:

NHL rule 64 is designed to alert and more seriously punish players (and teams) who repeatedly dive and beautify themselves to draw penalties. The fines are imposed on players and head coaches on a graduated scale described below:

Quote # Player fine Head Coach Fine (s) *
1 warning N / A
2 $ 2,000 N / A
3 $ 3,000 N / A
4th $ 4,000 N / A
5 $ 5,000 $ 2,000
6th $ 5,000 $ 3,000
7th $ 5,000 $ 4,000
8th $ 5,000 $ 5,000

* For head coaches, each FINE issued to a player from his club counts towards his total. Four fines issued jointly to a player or club result in the head coach receiving their first fine.

Quotes are issued by the Hockey Operations Division of the National Hockey League, which keeps track of all games, logs any penalties for diving or beautification, and flags any off-ice games that they believe deserve such a penalty. A subpoena is issued as soon as Hockey Operations is convinced by its internal considerations that a player warrants a sanction.


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