Kansas meteorologists get involved while tornado bombs them with a photo bomb


As the Kansas meteorologist Tom Bedard suggested to his friend, the meteorologist Raya Maday, that he let nothing rain on their parade.

However, the couple were photo-bombed by a tornado during the big moment – which made for a perfect storm and picture to match.

Bedard first met Maday at an annual American Meteorological Society event in New Orleans in 2016, and eventually the two became employees of AccuWeather in Wichita, Kansas.

“We have always been very well connected in the weather community” Maday told AccuWeather. “Even from the day we met.”

Bedard had known for months that he wanted to marry Maday, but wanted to ask the question at the right moment. For this weather person it meant waiting until there was a tornado – since neither he nor Maday had seen one in their lives.

“I knew I wanted to make a proposal this year and was just trying to find the right scenario for it.” Bedard told The Wichita Eagle. “Since she and I still hadn’t seen a tornado and there was a lot of talk at the beginning of the season that it was a good tornado season, it seemed like the best thing to do.”

Bedard got his chance at that Memorial Day weekend Saturday when the couple went storm hunting with some friends who, unbeknownst to Raday, knew of his proposal plans.

“We were prepared for almost any circumstance,” said Bedard said AccuWeather. “We had already driven this far. I was scared to take us all the way to southeast Colorado in a low risk day and come back without putting a ring on her finger … nothing. ‘”

But Maday finally found the perfect place for the proposal that she didn’t know was happening.

“She is unbelievable. She knew what she was doing, and she and Rich (the friend who was there as the videographer) put us in the right place. We stayed and finally got a touchdown at three or four o’clock, “said Bedard. “I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity.”

When the tornado hit, so did Bedard’s left knee.

“My legs were shaking more than ever before in my life” he admitted InsideEdition.

“I’ve never seen you so nervous – never!” Maday replied.

Although Maday has agreed to the proposal, she is still working on it.

“In no way would I ever expect something like this to happen. ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if Tom proposed marriage before our first tornado?’ Will not happen. Will never happen. But it kind of happened, â€she told AccuWeather. “It was just so completely unexpected.”


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