Kuwait’s first two Eurofighter Typhoons break cover and make maiden flight

One of the two typhoons that drove to Kuwait on October 15, 2021 while taking a taxi. (All pictures: Alessandro Maggia)

The Kuwaiti Air Force Typhoon will be the most advanced of the eight Eurofighter operators.

On October 15, 2021, the first two Eurofighter Typhoon jets destined for Kuwait completed their maiden flight at the Leonardo factory in Caselle near Turin in northwest Italy.

The two aircraft received the Italian experimental series CSX55243 and CSX55244, but they will become KT001 and KT002 as soon as they enter the Kuwaiti Air Force. The planes currently carry the flag of Kuwait, the badge of the Kuwaiti Air Force and a medium gray color scheme, which under certain lighting conditions appears very similar to that of the German Air Force typhoons.

Aviation ace Alessandro Maggia shot the new aircraft as it taxied and took off for its first local test deployment in the R64 and R64bis restricted airspaces.

Lift up

Kuwait is said to receive 28 typhoons: 22 singles and 6 doubles. The Typhoon will be equipped with the first variant of the Captor E AESA radar, the ECRS Mk 0, together with P3Eb (Phase 3 Enhancements Package b) multi-role functions and the Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod, which is considered to be the most advanced Typhoon ever produced. This special configuration was developed and tested in Italy with the Typhoon ISPA 6 (Instrumented Series Production Aircraft).

Steep climb

The contract for 28 aircraft was signed in April 2016 after an initial MoU was signed in September 2015. Deliveries should initially be completed in 2023, but it’s not clear if it’s still the original plan. Kuwait becomes the eighth Eurofighter operator after Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain.

Last try.

The Kuwaiti Air Force has been flying an F / A-18C / D frontline since the Mirage F1Ks and A-4KUs Skyhawks retired after the Gulf War. However, it will soon return to a two-type frontline, with an order of also 28 Super Hornets, ordered in 2018, with the same mix of one and two-seaters: 22 F / A-18Es and 6 F / A-18Fs.

Typhoon of the Kuwaiti Air Force
A side view of one of the Kuwaiti Air Force’s first two typhoons.

H / T to our friend Matteo Buono for the heads-up and a big thank you to Alessandro Maggia for the recordings. Be sure to check out his Instagram account for more great photos here: @alessandro_maggia_avphotos

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