Labrador dog pulls down meteorologists on live TV

A UK weather presenter fell on live television when the guide dog she was holding got lost and the animal dragged her to the ground, leaving the co-presenters in hysteria.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Breakfast weather presenter, kneeled next to a Labrador blind dog named Flash at the Chelsea Flower Show after giving a weather forecast for the event. The show was postponed from May this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kirkwood introduced the Labrador to the audience and said, “Now she’s a friend of the program. She was actually on the program with her trainer Mel on April 28th and took Mel out of her hands a little when she was only 18 weeks old.

“She has grown a bit since then and she behaved very well, I have to say, and just beautiful.”

Seconds after Kirkwood called the dog “very good,” the Lab decided to run in a different direction. Kirkwood grabbed the dog’s leash and was dragged to the ground by the violence.

“I think Flash just discovered a tree. Look she’s gone! She’s gone, ”said host Sally Nugent in the video after Kirkwood fell forward.

“We have a Kirkwood down, we have a Kirkwood down! Somebody is saving Carol!” said one of the presenters, Dan Walker, adding to the comedy.

“Flash is strong,” remarked Kirkwood.

“Are you okay, Carole?” said Walker without answering.

“I think she lost her earpiece, ok. Carol, we’re just checking you’re okay. said Nugent.

“Yes, she is a very strong girl, Flash. She went back to her trainer Mel, who is on the other side of the camera, ”Kirkwood said after getting up and dusting herself off.

“Excellent. We are happy that you are fine. Thanks, Carol, ”said Walker.

News week has asked the BBC and Kirkwood for comment.

Another mischievous dog caused a disturbance live on TV on August 27, this time in Canada. Toronto global weather reporter Anthony Farnell’s dog Storm interrupted a weather forecast while searching for food.

Farnell was in the process of giving his forecast for the weekend and was continuing his meteorological predictions for the days ahead as Storm, a miniature Golddoodle, began moving in and out of the shot.

Fortunately, Farnell had some dog treats on hand, and he could feed his pet on live TV while reading the weather.

Recordings of Storm’s lovable antics soon found their way onto Twitter and went viral.

It wasn’t the first time Storm rose to fame on social media after breaking into a show.

In 2012, Storm made a surprise appearance on the evening news when he poked his head over the newsroom during live coverage.

A screenshot from the BBC breakfast of Carol Kirkwood being pulled by a dog. A British weather presenter fell on live television when the Labrador she was holding got lost and the animal dragged her to the ground.
BBC breakfast

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