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The weather in Latvia will be calm this weekend – the sun will shine occasionally and no serious precipitation is expected. Nights will be colder and winds will be strong, especially in coastal regions, according to the Latvian State Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology.

But the weather will be more unsettled next week. Several hurricanes from the west bring windy and rainy weather to the country.

On Friday February 11th the weather in Latvia will be dominated by an area of ​​low air pressure. At night the weather will be cloudy with clear sky moments. There will be precipitation in some areas. Roads can get slippery, meteorologists warn.

Meteorologists state that the wind will blow from the west and south-west. The minimum air temperature is -2° C… +3° C. During the day the amount of clouds is volatile and precipitation is expected in many areas. There will be snow and wet snow in most parts of the country and rain in Kurzem. The wind blows from the west and north-west. The air temperature reaches +1°C… +4°C.

On Saturday, the northern part of a broad anticyclone will increase. No significant amounts of precipitation are expected.

Certain road sections are slippery!

The wind blows from the west and north-west. In a short time the wind speed reaches 15-17 m/sec. The night air temperature is around -2 °C … -7 °C (+1 °C … -2 °C along the coast), while the daytime air temperature is close to 0 °C … +4 °C.

For Sunday, meteorologists predict that a broad cyclone will gradually move through Scandinavia towards Latvia. Atmospheric pressure will gradually decrease and there will be more clouds. The sky will clear up from time to time. Days and nights will pass without significant rainfall. The wind will be moderate to strong, blowing from the south and south-west, reaching speeds of 15-17 m/s along the coast. The minimum air temperature at night is -2°C… -7°C (+1°C… -2°C along the coast), while the maximum air temperature during the day does not rise above -1°C… +3°C.

Cyclone activity will determine the weather in Latvia next week. With decreasing air pressure, weather conditions become unstable again – the amount of precipitation increases and its phases change from rain to wet snow during the day and snow at night. The wind will also be strong. The air temperature varies between +1°C… -3°C at night and +1°C… +6°C during the day.

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