Light showers tonight-tomorrow, thunderstorms this weekend: Storm Center PM update

Thick clouds hang over eastern KELOLAND, with partly cloudy skies in the west. We expect to produce some light showers (up to 1/10 of an inch) in western South Dakota tonight. Meanwhile, the south-east winds are becoming brisk again, with large temperature differences. Temperatures remain much colder than normal in eastern KELOLAND under cloud cover.

13 o’clock

A low pressure center will move through KELOLAND tonight and bring light rain showers with it. Some of these showers will begin in eastern South Dakota towards morning.

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Otherwise, with the brisk SE wind, the lows remain a few degrees either side of 40.

There will be rain showers tomorrow, mainly in the morning. We’ve been talking about a few tenths of an inch of rain… the low end west of I-29 and the high end east of I-29. Lightning can even occur in Sioux Falls and SE KELOLAND. When the showers roll in, a breezy NW wind will blow. But temperatures will still warm up, around 60 in eastern KELOLAND and a few degrees warmer in the west.

Thursday appears to be the calmest day of the week, with partly to mostly sunny skies and an easterly breeze. Highs are between the high 50s and low 60s. Rapid City is getting windier and warmer, in the upper 60’s.

Another low hits KELOLAND on Friday and Saturday and returns with strong winds. There will also be rain and likely some thunderstorms in southern KELOLAND including Sioux Falls. A brisk southerly wind will push Sioux Falls and SE KELOLAND into the 70s on Friday, with the rest of the area into the 60s. Beneficial rainfall is possible.

Some of the thunderstorms we are seeing in SE KELOLAND on Friday and Friday evening could be strong. The Storm Prediction Center is already monitoring the area after possible storms.

There could be some persistent showers after passing the system on Sunday, with strong winds pulling more cold air into KELOLAND. Rapid City could actually get a few inches of snow if colder air gets involved. After early morning highs, Sunday afternoon temperatures are only in the 40s to low 50s, warmest in SE KELOLAND.

Monday will also be windy, although not as windy. It will be very cool, with highs in the high 40’s in northeastern South Dakota to the low 50’s in the rest of the region.

Unfortunately, the rest of the next week is also looking colder than normal. In fact, it looks like temperatures will be colder than normal in the first days of May.

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