LS3 GMC Typhoon Virtual Restomod goes traditionally box-shaped, maintaining the 1990s boast


Let’s be honest, the future of the automobile belongs to sustainable driving. But the past remains a glorious asset and one can always tempt to live a contemporary life. If only a virtual one, sometimes.

Right now, if someone wants the absolute best GMCs money can buy, there are (hopefully) a couple of Hummer EVs up to 1,000 horsepower and a range of over 350 miles out soon. Better still, if you have the money, there is both a pickup truck and one SUV available.

Perhaps it wasn’t the reinvented GMC Hummers that brought back the fond memories of truck and SUV pairs, but it’s still interesting to note that Oscar Vargas – alias wb.artist20 on social media – came up with its own Restomod alternative with the taste of the 90s.

It might be a coincidence, but it’s still cool that he presents a different choice – even if it’s just a digital one. First up this spring was the GMC Syclone. Originally designed as a high-performance version of the GMC Sonoma pickup, it had a very short-lived production time and has apparently become a collector’s item.

The boxy, menacing looks could have something to do with it. Or maybe it was the performance of its 4.3-liter turbo V6. Who knows, because the virtual artist opted for a quick restomod that hit all the visual sweet spots and then dropped the truck’s drivetrain in favor of an LS3-V8 swap.

Now is the time for the GMC Typhoon sport utility vehicle alternative to quickly follow in the footsteps of its truck sibling. The former should be a bit easier to spot due to its somewhat larger construction contingent, and we can easily imagine the appeal of a decent Restomod project like this one.

If the virtual Typhoon shares the same DNA as its Syclone predecessor, then we’re probably dealing with the same package. So new – but also box-shaped – LED headlights “,some modern skin“Big and thoroughly modern wheels / tires and the enlarged grille to direct air into the V8-swapped engine compartment. But this time no hood scoops …


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