Measures have been taken to ensure safe air travel despite the Meteorological Agency (GCAA) strike

Terminal 3 of Kotoka International Airport is one of the projects listed in the Green Book

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has reassured the general public that air travel is safe and secure despite the strike action launched by the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet).

According to the agency, they have taken emergency measures to ensure flight operations are not affected by the strike.

In a press release on Saturday February 19, they noted that “the authority has taken appropriate measures to contain the situation for the entire duration of the strike and to ensure that flights come into and fly within the country to Accra.” Flight Information Region (FIR), receive the necessary weather information needed for smooth operations.”

This comes after agency employees began an indefinite nationwide strike on Friday.

According to staff, the sit-down is due to the government’s failure to act on its resolution submitted to the Ministry of Communications and Digitization on January 5, which detailed their poor working conditions.

Acting Director of Forecasting and Synoptic Meteorology, Joseph Tetteh Portuphy, highlighted some impacts of the strike.

Talk about in an interview JoyNewsThe pulsehe said airlines are unable to fly to the country because of the strike.

He noted that “the airlines currently flying into the country do so at their own risk” as he does not know where they get their weather updates from.

This, he said, is because the staff, who are expected to forecast the weather, don’t offer that particular service.

This raised concerns for many Ghanaians, especially travelers.

However, Ghana’s Civil Aviation Authority has determined that the aviation industry in Ghana is resilient enough to handle these issues while the strike is ongoing.

“The GCAA would like to reassure the public that flight safety remains its top priority and that it will do everything it can to maintain public confidence in the agency.”

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