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The Meteorological Forecasting Department has warned people across the country, especially in urban areas, of the drop in humidity.

The department announced on Wednesday that the average afternoon humidity for the past 2-3 days was struggling to stay at around 30 percent, especially in urban areas.

Therefore, MFD has recommended everyone to drink plenty and to hydrate themselves against the drying air.

According to the forecast, in some places in Karnali province and most other places in the country, the average humidity will drop below 30 percent on Thursday.

Dry air and low humidity can cause the body to lose excess water through sweat or other media, causing itchy eyes and nose and can compromise respiratory immunity.

Western Mulde from Friday

Meanwhile, the division also spoke in a special bulletin released on Wednesday about another weather system slated to hit a western low on Friday.

Clouds moving east through Sudur Pashchim provinces into Karnali, Lumbini and Gandaki provinces will change the weather.

As a result, there may be light snowfalls in some places in the higher mountain and hill regions of Sudur Pashchi, Karnali and Gandaki provinces.

Therefore, all mountain sports stakeholders were urged to take precautions at an early stage.

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