Meteorologist predicts the likelihood Glasgow will snow on Christmas Day

Will Glasgow become a winter wonderland?

Meteorologist Jim Dale has revealed that Glasgow has a 40% chance of experiencing a white winter this year, as forecasts show we could see snow as early as November.

Jim Dale, founder of British Weather Services, also predicts that there is a 30% chance of snowing on Chirtsmas Day in Glasgow and that some parts of the nation including the Highlands are significantly more likely to experience a snowy Christmas than others and Grampian regions in Scotland is expected to see the most snow this year in general.

We could see snow this winter.

While the Highland destinations of Skye, Inverness and Glencoe are among the places most likely to have snow this winter, Cornwall is the least likely, averaging just 7.4 days of snow per year.

The commentary, provided as part of the wettest regions study, also noted that the nation is more likely to experience unpredictable weather this winter due to record-breaking temperatures in June and July – with temperatures exceeding 40C in July .

When asked when else we can expect snow, Jim Dale said, “As the angle of the earth tilts away from the sun, it often bodes well for a concerted drop in temperature, especially when we get most of the north quarter winds.” experience. This is important over the Christmas period because unless we land in a deep winter 2009/10 scenario most snow events will take the form of stop-start showers, with the northern parts of the UK almost always being most at risk.”

However, rising temperatures this summer could mean a wet winter is firmly in the cards, as Jim Dale said: “Every month in the UK so far this year has been warmer than the long-term seasonal average, which in itself is unprecedented.”

To view the full results of the wettest regions study and Jim Dale’s commentary, click HERE.

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