Meteorologist: – The consequences could be

Hazard warnings have been issued for Vestfold, Telemark and Agder. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute estimates that you can expect up to 60 mm heavy rain in the evening and at night.

The forecast only lasts until Tuesday morning, but østafjells will rain a lot this week, meteorologist Espen Beseth Granan told Dagbladet.

It warns that rainfall can cause minor flooding in the streets, which could lead to traffic problems in Eastern Norway.

– Consequences can occur in surface water and local driving conditions can be impaired. Granan says those who live in areas where it could be a problem should be careful to ensure that water can flow into the drains and that the drains are not clogged with leaves or the like.

The wind took her with it: – She was thrown around

Leave the car parked

Tryg Insurance expects further damage and is asking people to take precautions.

We assume that storms and rainfall in particular will cause the greatest damage. People didn’t clean garden furniture in the summer so we advise people to secure any loose things outside as soon as possible. Plug in the trampoline and provide garden furniture, parasols, party tents and a barbecue, Torbjørn Brandeggen, communications consultant at Tryg Forsikring, wrote in a press release.

The insurance company advises that if there is a lot of water in such a short time, it can cause damage to flooded basements, setbacks from drains when water flows back into the house, or cars that are submerged.

Gusts of more than 30 seconds

– People should ensure that there are no leaves, dirt and other obstacles in the road into which the water must flow, and preferably not park their vehicles near the manhole cover. The danger to surface water is high and the roads are closed, says Brandigen, so it is the smartest thing to leave the car behind until the storm is over.

Bad weather in the autumn holidays

Although the warning lasted no longer than Tuesday morning, it is being put on hold in eastern Norway for the remainder of the week.

As the forecast now looks like, this weather will continue into the autumn holiday week for counties such as Oslo and Viken. In other places, such as Telemark, Vestfold and Vestland, the autumn break doesn’t start until October 11th

In terms of weather, it would not be a good start to the autumn vacation. A lot of rain and gray clouds can be expected, says Granan, who notes that this is typical autumn weather.

Electricity companies can go bankrupt

Electricity companies can go bankrupt

Northern weather winner

September was extremely dry in the south and east of the country, and meteorologists believe that the dry parts of the country are finally getting some raindrops, which are good for filling reservoirs and groundwater levels, among other things.

However, people in the north are better equipped for higher electricity prices in autumn, as there is much more rainfall in summer than in the south.

You also have more to enjoy as temperatures of up to 20 degrees are reported in several places in the north these days.

In Birtavarre, Kåfjord in Troms, they measured more than 20 degrees on a degree scale on Monday.

In the north there are some nice temperatures, with warm air and sun and nice weather, says the meteorologist.

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