Meteorologists are monitoring a possible snow storm that could hit the Midwest

Meteorologists were busy observing the possibility of another winter storm forming later this week, targeting areas from the Midwest to the Northeast, while parts of the Mid-Atlantic were dealing with the first major snowstorm of the season earlier this week.

The second storm to develop now may bring snow to the northeast from the Ohio Valley that was missed by the first week’s storm, and more snow could reach parts of the Interstate 95 corridor.

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Senior on-air meteorologist Bernie Rayno said, “I’m sure there will be a storm Thursday through Friday,” but its exact route is still unknown at the time.

He predicts that on Friday night snow will fall from the Midwest to the Northeast. The storm will most likely move up the east coast, he warned.

A storm path this far west would bring snow to locations west of the I-95 corridor, with wintry weather in the central Atlantic and New England. A stronger storm system would result from this scenario.

Weather in the USA

In the south, “the odds for New York City to Washington DC are against snow,” said Rayno.

The opposite extreme, a smaller storm straight east and out to sea from the mid-Atlantic, was still being considered by analysts. In this scenario, some snow could fall over the mid-Atlantic, including in the country’s capital. According to Rayno, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, DC could all see snow if that estimate is correct.

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Winter storms


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The winter storm that follows is triggered by a fresh influx of cold air behind a cold front stalling from the Midwest to the Central Atlantic and jet stream activity.

After a cross-continental storm that dragged the jet stream and accompanying cooler air deeper south last weekend, the atmosphere in the central United States began to shift towards a more normal winter weather pattern.

On Monday, people to the east felt the effects of the changeover as temperatures dropped 20 to 40 degrees from the previous weekend and heavy snow fell from western North Carolina and Virginia to Maryland, Delaware and southern New Jersey.


On Monday, the storm managed to escape much of the Ohio Valley, central Appalachians and New England, despite heavy snowfall causing major traffic disruptions and power outages near the mid-Atlantic coast.

Speaking of the upcoming storm later this week, Rayno said, “West of Interstate 95, be ready as snow is on the way.” As details become known, “all the components for a storm are in place, including a fresh infusion of cold air.”

Meteorologists will keep a close eye on the coming storm and its streak of snow.

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