Meteorologists, researchers in Portageville using ‘Doppler on Wheels’ ahead of severe storms

PORTAGEVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) — A group of atmospheric scientists from 10 schools are in the heartland ready to follow the severe weather expected Wednesday afternoon, April 13.

The field teams staying in Portageville will use their mobile dopplers and other weather instruments. It’s part of an initiative called PERiLS (Propagation, Evolution, And Rotation in Linear Storms).

In addition to the “Doppler on Wheels”, the teams use weather balloons.

Scientists from the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and their partners are trying to figure out how tornadoes form in storm gusts.

“We’re basically taking the radar to the storm so we can get close and get really fine detail to really be able to tease out the things that might be happening in the storms that create tornadoes,” said Professor Dr Jeff trap.

dr Trapp said their task could be difficult because thunderstorm fronts could span the entire state of Missouri.

Somewhere within that range, Trapp said, a quarter-mile-sized tornado could form.

The teams will collect data on the storm environment, the atmosphere before the storms form, and any damage.

Scientists from the University of Illinois, North Carolina State and eight other schools are participating in the field study.

Our very own meteorologist, Lisa Michaels, will join the scientists in their research on Wednesday.

She will have a live report for us on Heartland News at 12pm.

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