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Koh Kong province will suffer from heavy rains and floods, which will disrupt traffic in the province. Flash floods will hit some roads, especially National Road 4, while fishermen need to be extra careful not to go fishing in bad weather.

The director of the meteorology department of the Ministry of Water Resources said Oum Rina Khmer times yesterday, this ministry continues to monitor the typhoon that will arise from a low pressure system that reappears in conjunction with the active low pressure in the South China Sea.

The typhoon is approaching Vietnam on Saturday, which will have a significant impact on the northeastern part of Cambodia.

Cambodia has just recovered from flash floods that hit many provinces, especially those bordering Thailand, and now the effects of this new typhoon will hit provinces along the Thai border as well, causing further flooding.

Rina added that today the ministry will release more details about the low pressure in the Indian Ocean and a weak southwest monsoon that will need to be closely followed with possible new updates to the public.

Cambodia will be hit by the impending typhoon, but its effects will still be milder in the kingdom than in Vietnam.

“Please follow the updated information posted daily on the ministry’s official Facebook page and be vigilant to avoid accidents,” said Rina.

said Dok Bunthon, the water resources department of Kampong Chhnang Province Khmer times yesterday that the effects of this typhoon had not yet reached Cambodia, but that the water level of the hydrological station in Kampong Chhnang Province was 6.54 meters and that eight districts were covered by rain yesterday.

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