More thunderstorms expected Wednesday; The probability of rain will then vanish next week


Tropical moisture and energy will continue to be fed into central Florida and this will result in the development of evening, night and early morning hours isolated from the occasional downpour and thunderstorms.

With the same setup on Wednesday afternoon, storms could generate frequent cloud-to-ground lightning and local torrential rain with gusts of wind in excess of 40 miles per hour.

The pattern changes by the end of the week as the source of that moisture is cut off when a tropical depression forms in the western Gulf.

It is now “open” so the moisture can leak into Florida hundreds of miles away, but if it closes into a closed system called a tropical depression, the rain flow will shut off, leaving us high and dry. Temperatures rise and the probability of precipitation decreases.

Since this system runs north to Texas or Louisiana this weekend, we have a mostly dry Saturday, followed by sporadic storms on Father’s Day.

In addition, the residual lows and its moisture will migrate through the deep south to Georgia and be drawn into another system on the east coast, losing its tropical properties.

Meanwhile, Florida will be inundated by tropical rains again next week as the end of that trough is finally thrown out of our region.

If you travel through Orlando on Tuesday evenings and Wednesdays, plan for more summery weather with intense tropical rainfall, followed by perfectly calm and slightly cooler weather.

The main threats from storms for the next 36 hours include lightning, heavy rain and gusts.


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