Nation set on soaking, with flood warnings for NSW, Queensland, and more


Australia will be soaked for the next three days when a “rain bomb” begins to fall over the eastern states.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has issued several severe weather warnings in three states in response to the intense weather system.

A severe weather warning for noxious winds, large hailstones and heavy rains applies to South australia‘s northwest pastoral district.
The center of Dalby in the Darling Downs area of ​​Queensland has already been flooded and the rain is set to increase. (Twitter: AnniePullar9)

A complex low pressure system over the far northwest of the state produces severe thunderstorms that can cause dangerous gusts of wind in excess of 90 km / h, large hailstones, and heavy rainfall.

A flood watch has also been issued for portions of the northwestern and northeastern pastoral wards of the state, the west coast, the Flinders Ranges, and the Eastern Eyre Peninsula.

Much of Queensland – including the Darling Downs, the Granite Belt, and parts of the Maranoa and Warrego forecast areas – face dangerous flooding and destructive winds.

In New South Waleswho have favourited North West Slopes and Plains and parts of the Mid North Coast, Hunter and Northern Tablelands Forecast District could develop heavy rainfall into flooding.

Destructive winds are also possible.

Parts of NSW could receive “more than a month of rain,” in three days, the BoM said.

Flood warnings apply to the north of NSW and Queensland, Residents living near the state border are urged to prepare for heavy rains and possible flooding as soon as possible.

Regions that are likely to face major flooding the following day include the Northern Slopes in NSW and the Darling Downs and Granite Belt in Queensland, Weatherzone said.

The regions have been wet for the past few weeks and could see localized daily falls of more than 100mm later this week, particularly during thunderstorms tomorrow and Friday.

In Queensland, the highest total was recorded at Samuel Hill with 340.8 mm of rain.

Fog over the northern beaches of Sydney Photo Nick Moir November 10, 2021
Sydney’s Northern Beaches had a cloudy and foggy start to the day. (Nick Moir)

Portions of the Northern Territory, the Eastern Desert Areas in Western Australia, and South Australia’s Northwest and Northeast Pastoral Districts are also under flood protection.

It has been raining since yesterday at 9 o’clock Alice Springs The airport is 95.8mm tall and rising.

According to the BoM, the 24-hour rainfall has not been so high since January 30, 2001. It is also the wettest November day on record.

Roads were closed after the Todd River overflowed.

Roads were closed in Alice Springs after the Todd River overflowed.
Roads were closed in Alice Springs after the Todd River overflowed. (Twitter: @ JackHahn9News)

The weather event is caused by a transient low pressure system that interacts with a broad mass of moist air, Weatherzone said.

It should last from today to Saturday.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms are forecast for Sydney, with a high of 25 ° C expected.

In Sydney, rainfall could total 35 to 65mm, with the heaviest falls likely on Wednesday.

Melbourne is potentially looking at 35mm to 75mm, with the rain being the heaviest on Friday.

Brisbane looks at an area between 35mm and 70mm, with the heaviest rain tomorrow and the weekend looking pretty clear.

Canberra is already close to its monthly average rainfall for November and it looks like it could add 55mm to 115mm.

Rainy weather Sydney
For NSW, heavy rains and flash floods are forecast for the next three days. (Louise Kennerley / SMH)
Heavy rain has started over Sydney with a rumble of thunder.
Heavy rain has started over Sydney with a rumble of thunder. (Raffaella Ciccarelli)

Parts of the Bruce Highway in Queensland have already experienced flash floods and were closed for some periods yesterday.

Tomorrow a low pressure system will move to the southeast, which will bring “round two” of the rain.

Perth has seen more than twice as much rain as it would fall in just one day in a month.
Perth has seen more than twice as much rain as it would fall in just one day in a month. (Nine)

The “unexpected rain” is twice as much as would fall in just one day in a month in the capital of Western Australia.

Here’s what the weather is doing in the rest of the country.

The Sunshine State is on alert with flood warnings for southern parts of Queensland.

There is a high chance of showers in Brisbane, with the possibility of these developing into thunderstorms.

The city will see a low of 21 ° C and a high of 28 ° C.

Incredible weather events recorded in 2021

Melbourne will experience a mostly sunny morning with increasing clouds over the course of the afternoon.

There is a small chance that a shower will develop from the late afternoon onwards, increasing to a medium probability at night.

The city will have a low of 11 ° C and a high of 15 ° C.

Perth will be mostly sunny after yesterday’s flood.

A minimum of 11 ° C and a maximum of 23 ° C is expected.

Darwin has a high chance of showers with the possibility of a thunderstorm.

The city will have a low of 27 ° C and a high of 34 ° C.

Adelaide will see possible early showers with a medium chance of rain in the northern suburbs.

A minimum of 11 ° C and a maximum of 20 ° C is expected.

It will be a cloudy day in Hobart with a very high chance of showers.

There is a possibility of a thunderstorm in the afternoon or early evening.

Temperatures reach a minimum of 10 ° C and a maximum of 14 ° C.


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