News 4 weather forecasters share what to expect this winter in a special in the St. Louis Winter Weather Outlook

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) — The St. Louis subway has already experienced severe winter weather and it’s not Thanksgiving yet.

News 4’s First Alert Weather team gives us a detailed rundown of what to expect for the rest of the winter months. Our team interviews road crews about their latest strategies for keeping the roads safe and how to prepare your home and car for the elements.

Meteorologist Kent Ehrhardt gives us a glimpse into some of St. Louis’ most extreme winters.

When winter weather hits, a lot of our focus turns to road conditions. Meteorologist Matt Chambers turned to the experts to find out how they deal with slippery roads.

It can be difficult to keep your home warm and safe when temperatures drop, and we’ve seen efforts to stay warm get deadly in recent years. Meteorologist Kristen Cornett spoke to firefighters about best practices this winter.

How do you prepare your car for winter weather? Our meteorologists break down what you want in your car when stranded in inclement weather.

What do persimmon seeds and woolworms have in common? Well, some people think they can predict the weather. Meteorologist Leah Hill puts these theories to the test.

How much heavier is wet snow compared to dry snow?

Freezing rain is caused by warm air on the ground. Right or wrong?

Chief Meteorologist Steve Templeton has the answers.

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