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FORT WORTH, Texas, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Payix, the leader in communication and collection tools for auto lenders and loan services, recently released a case study showing dramatic results for Massachusetts– whose registered office is First Help Financial.

Payix, the leader in communication and collection tools for auto lenders and loan repairers.

“The addition of Payix white label tools has had a positive impact on our collection strategies. Our collectors can now take care of other tasks with the reduced number of incoming calls. 24/7, 365 days a year, â€said Pushan Sen Gupta, CEO of First Help Financial.

First Help Financial has integrated the entire suite of white label products for Payix borrowers into its loan management system, including Android and iOS mobile apps, online borrower portal, interactive response system (IVR), an SMS payment solution and a customer administration portal to manage all products.

As a result, the lender was able to introduce a frictionless payment and communication experience to their borrowers that led to more positive interactions and contacts with the right parties, provided actionable data on customer behavior, and led improved failure and default measures, while reducing total expense recovery by approximately 15%.


  • Payix now represents 4 out of 5 alternative payment methods used by First Help Financial borrowers.
  • First Help Financial increased its ratio of customer interactions per minute with Payix by 50% compared to traditional inbound calls.
  • Payix automatically manages 5 of the top 8 reasons customers turn to First Help Financial customer service, freeing agents to focus on severely overdue accounts and loss mitigation.

“Payix’s solutions for borrowers were engaging and customizable, but they also unlocked a source of data and information essential to our culture of continuous improvement,†said Lucas Oiveira, vice president of operations at First Help Financial . “We are constantly scouring the market for solutions to make ourselves better and more efficient at providing exceptional service, so we acted quickly when we found Payix. “

To read the full case study and learn more about Payix’s partnership with First Help Financial, visit First aid case study

About Payix

Payix helps lenders and loan managers improve their ability to interact with borrowers and collect payments. Payix tools for borrowers, with real-time loan management system integration, showcase the customer’s brand for rapid borrower adoption and sustainable use. Using Payix’s cutting-edge technology, lenders and loan departments can instantly communicate with borrowers through multiple channels and guarantee qualified pledges, on-time and scheduled payments. Payix is ​​an ISO registered of Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Concord, CA and an ISO registered of Deutsche Bank AG, New York, New York State. For more information on how we facilitate collection mobilization for lenders and loan officers, visit

About First Help Financial

First Help Financial is an innovative and fast growing auto finance company headquartered near Boston which serves clients with limited access to financial services. For over a decade, our mission has been to provide auto loans to underserved people and to care for our customers and partners with exceptional service. We are a family-owned, client-focused business that believes in driving results for clients and discovering their potential through exceptional customer service capabilities and direct community investments that make a difference in the lives of clients. clients. You can find out more about our services and our mission at

Contact: Heather dietel, [email protected]

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