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NORTHERN TIER, PA (WETM) – As the winter season approaches, the National Weather Service is hosting Winter Weather Awareness Week in Pennsylvania from Sunday November 7th through Saturday November 13th.

The Winter Weather Awareness Week promotes winter weather security just before the meteorological winter. The National Weather Service is asking emergency management, public safety officers, and ambassadors of the weather-ready nation to improve the nation’s preparedness, responsiveness, and overall resilience to extreme winter weather.

“Some of the things we look at are lake effect snow, snow gusts, northeast, blizzards, ice storms and winter floods and ice jams,” said weather forecaster Michael Murphy. “All of these are dangers that could affect our region in winter. So we have to take steps to prepare for these dangers. “

Each day this week, the National Weather Service website in Binghamton features a different winter weather safety topic. These topics include winter weather provisions and winter products from the National Weather Service.

Pennsylvania and New York residents should also be aware of the National Weather Service’s clocks, warnings, and notices for the coming winter.

“Some of the most common warnings and warnings we issue in winter are winter storm warnings, sea-effect snow warnings, snow gust warnings, and ice storm and wind chill warnings,” Murphy said.

Residents can simply check the weather app on their phones or follow the 18 Storm team on social media for updates on winter-related clocks, warnings and advice.

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