PNG reports high energy consumption, meteorologists warn of further winter weather

Pacific Northern Gas says energy use almost doubled in December compared to December 2021. The numbers come as a cold snap ripped through northwest BC and projects January’s numbers up 30% from where they were a year earlier.

“Typically people tend to be home rather than work on holidays, but I think COVID may have had an impact on more people working from home.” PNG President Leigh Ann Shoji-Lee said: “But usage is expected to be higher in December than perhaps other months.”

On Wednesday, some northwestern areas experienced double-digit temperatures, Environment Canada says the groundhog was right and winter temperatures are returning to normal. A La Niña pattern will help the weather prolong winter.

“So if I look into my crystal ball next week, we’re going to see things drop back to your average temperatures. So it’s going to be a little cooler next week.” Environment Canada meteorologist Derek Lee said, “Towards the end of February, things will get a little blurry, but we’ll also be trending toward average to normal.”

PNG says that to ease some of the later bills, they will be offering a rebate for those who do an oven tune and install a smart thermostat, which Leigh Ann says can save nearly 10% on later bills over the long term.

Simply put, PNG says the best way to reduce your bill is to dial back your heating, especially during nighttime hours.

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