Police shame a messy car filled with McDonald’s, bags of chips and cans of fizzy drinks

Police shamed what may be Britain’s messiest car – stuffed with fast food wrappers, packets of crisps and fizzy drink cans. Officials shared a photo showing what the inside of the vehicle looked like after it was stopped.

Items strewn across the front passenger seat and footwell of the Ford Focus included newspapers, bags and drinks from McDonald’s, as well as several empty Greggs bags and Coke cans. The driver’s chips of choice appeared to be Quavers and Aldi’s own brand Snackrite.

The photo was shared by Kent Police’s road policing unit – who said officers didn’t expect to find such a mess inside, Birmingham Live reports. Officials said on Twitter: “The odd candy wrapper or chips suddenly dropped by our colleagues at the handover doesn’t look too bad. The interior of a car was stopped and confiscated today with no insurance, no MOT and no vehicle tax certificate.”

The sight of the messy car caused a strong reaction from supporters. Gary Silvester said, “Good god. You need a skip for that!” Murphynice34 wrote, “God, if the car is like this, I hate to think about what it’s like at home!”

Meanwhile, Elthampug said: “At least it’s in the vehicle and wasn’t thrown out the window!” Olivia Landry added: “At least the driver kept the rubbish in the car and didn’t dump it on the curb like most people in Kent seem to do.”

And noting that the seatbelt appeared to be buckled, Steve Varley noted another positive aspect of the mess: “At least this whole junk was wearing a seatbelt.”

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