Precipitation is getting lighter in northern Taiwan as temperatures remain low


Taipei, Oct. 24 (CNA) The cool weather will continue in north and northeastern Taiwan this week as rainfall drops, Liu Pei-teng (劉 沛滕), the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecaster, said on Sunday.

Liu said Taiwan is currently affected by northeast winds, with temperatures potentially dropping to 18-19 degrees Celsius. While the temperature rises slightly on Monday morning, the effects of the monsoons will continue for the following week.

In areas north of Taoyuan and in windward parts of northern Taiwan, highs of 20 to 21 degrees will occur.

Weather patterns in central and southern parts of Taiwan will remain constant, with western parts of Taipei likely to see sunshine during the day.

Liu said the rainfall will not be as heavy as last week as the rain will turn into drizzle and affect fewer places.

Only areas in the aforementioned areas north of Taoyuan and eastern parts of Taiwan, as well as the northern mountain ranges, are prone to periodic showers, he added, while coastal areas north of Keelung and mountainous areas of Taipei may experience heavier rainfall.

A tropical depression east of the Philippines that will grow into a typhoon is unlikely to have any impact on Taiwan and will instead migrate to waters off the southern coast of Japan.

As for the tropical disturbance observed in the South China Sea, Liu said the CWB will continue to monitor its development to see if it turns into a tropical depression or a typhoon.

(By Chang Hsiung-feng and James Lo)

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