RAF Hercules takes part in an exercise with Jordanian Armed Forces

The C-130J Hercules was escorted by two typhoons. Photo credit: Royal Air Force. British Crown Copyright.

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) Hercules C-130J division of RAF Brize Norton participated in an exercise with Jordanian armed forces in the Middle East.

The division consists of aircraft and crews of 47 and XXIX squadrons.

During this joint exercise, C-130J Hercules demonstrated UK air power. Over 150 aircrews from the 16th Air Assault Brigade were deployed at low altitude in the Jordanian desert.

Three RAF Hercules C-130J dropped paratroopers and supplies in a simulated war zone.

The planes were escorted to Jordan by two typhoons and all RAF planes participating in the exercise were operated from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Airborne support for the troops on the ground was provided by Jordanian F16s, while an RAF E-3D Sentry Airborne Warning and Control System controlled the air mission.

British Military Secretary James Heappey said: “The British armed forces and Jordan face common threats in the region.

“This joint exercise is evidence of the Global Response Force’s impressive ability to operate across multiple domains and in harsh environments. They are the soldiers of the future, ready to face changing threats around the world. ”

Before the main parachute drop, specially trained Pathfinders were dispatched a few days earlier. They performed a ‘first light’ drop from 12,000 feet.

In addition, elements of the Lead Assault Force were dropped along with 15 tons of equipment at a low level.

RAF Hercules Detachment Flight Lt. Manson said, “Flying low to skydivers and supplies is the bread and butter of the C130 force.

“We train for it regularly and work closely with the 16th Air Assault Brigade. I think that really shows when you look at what we can achieve together. ”

Last week the RAF dispatched the Hercules C-130J detachment to the Middle East to provide tactical airlift capabilities in support of British operations.


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