RAF Lossiemouth Typhoons begin exercise Red Flag in the US

A LARGE RAF detachment, including Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth, began exercise Red Flag in the United States this week.

Typhoons land on Nellis AFB.

The RAF took 300 personnel for the event at the Test and Training Range in Nevada.

The Typhoons will join US and Royal Australian Air Force fighter and support aircraft.

The regular event provides the RAF with unparalleled training and helps prepare for operations against any adversary wishing to confront Britain in the air, in space and in cyberspace.

An RAF Lossiemouth Typhoon aircraft.
An RAF Lossiemouth Typhoon aircraft.

During the exercise, the three air forces will face simulated ground-based air defense systems, attack aircraft simulating a peer adversary, and cyber and space-based threats in the planning, conduct and debriefing of combat missions.

The US Department of Defense has prioritized the People’s Republic of China in what it describes as its number one challenge. This helps U.S. and allied aviators develop the right capabilities and plans to strengthen deterrence and maintain a competitive advantage.

The training also includes activities designed to effectively deter nation-state threats emanating from Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Wing Commander John Cockroft, Officer Commanding 1 (F) Squadron, said: “After weeks of preparation, it is very gratifying to be able to fly missions at the exercise.

“Every day we are faced with increasingly challenging scenarios, but by working closely with our American and Australian allies and developing our interoperability, we are positioned to meet the challenges presented to us.”

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