Record heat with thunderstorm

CHEYENNE, Wyo (Wyoming News Now) — Weather conditions across the state have calmed down enough that we saw almost no gusts of wind, no cloud cover, and no chance of precipitation. They allowed temperatures to warm into the 80s and 90s across the state, which is certainly warm for this time of year. But with this warmer weather forecast, it looks like some of those summer thunderstorms are on the way, too. Expect an increase in humidity in the state over the next few days, leading to some thunderstorms in the afternoon hours. Severe storm chances remain mostly on the north side of the state, but we’ll keep you posted should anything change.

The summer heat comes along with the afternoon summer thunderstorms. The serious chance is slim, but expect a little hail with them.(Jordan Frazier)

In addition, gusts of wind will also increase in connection with these storms. Gusts can reach in excess of 40mph, with even stronger localized ones within storm systems. The biggest threat right now is likely to be some hail and some strong winds. This may be enough to cause some local travel-related delays, but no more than that. Expect the next few days to be on the warmer end of the spectrum, with even nighttime hours heading into the 50s across the state.

Wind gusts will increase from the south tomorrow afternoon as the...
Wind gusts will pick up from the south tomorrow afternoon, although thunderstorms are also expected.(Jordan Frazier)

Afternoon high temperatures will reach near-record levels with many in the 90s and even triple digits across the state, even extending into the Nebraska Panhandle. Much more thunderstorm activity is expected on Sunday and Monday in connection with a weak cold front. This may drop temperatures by around 10 to 15 degrees from what we can expect tomorrow, but nothing more than that considering this funnel system will bring more rain than anything else.

High temperatures are expected to approach, if not hit, record heat tomorrow.
High temperatures are expected to approach, if not hit, record heat tomorrow. Even so, it will be hot all day until the rains start to fall.(Jordan Frazier)

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