Selena Gomez Recalls She Was ‘Afraid of Thunderstorms’ entertainment

Selena Gomez was “afraid of thunderstorms” as a child.

The 30-year-old pop star grew up in Texas and Selena has revealed that she lived in fear of thunderstorms and tornadoes.

In a clip from her new documentary ‘My Mind and Me’, shared with Vanity Fair magazine, Selena says: “As a kid, I was terrified of thunderstorms. I grew up in Texas and was so afraid that lightning and thunder would mean a tornado was coming.”

Selena finally managed to overcome her fears after reading about thunderstorms and what causes them.

Selena’s mom bought her some books on the subject and it helped allay her concerns.

The brunette beauty explains: “[She] basically saying, “The more you learn about it, the less afraid you’ll be.” And it really helped.”

Selena recently admitted she’s “nervous” about sharing her “trouble” in her new documentary.

The ‘Lose You to Love Me’ hitmaker admitted she has mixed feelings about the project.

She explained, “As nervous as I am to release something so personal, I know in my heart that now is the time.

“I hope that sharing my experiences and struggles will help people feel inspired to share their own stories. And having hope that things can and will get better.”

The documentary delves into the pop star’s mental health journey, and Selena admitted the project “has taken on a life of its own.”

She said: “It was never this thought out plan that we thought we were going to capture these very personal parts of my life. It just grew out of that.”

Selena teamed up with director Alek Keshishian to direct the documentary and she enjoyed the experience of working with Alek, best known for his 1991 Madonna documentary.

Selena said: “He’s very kind and caring and I have complete faith in him. Most of the time I forgot he was even there. Sometimes he just used an iPhone that hid in the corner.”

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